Maui Comic Con 2021

Cosplay Contest

With Night Darling


Night Darling is born and raised on Maui. She has been cosplaying for a little over 3 years. She placed 1st at the Maui Matsuri Cosplay showcase in 2015. She has a love for all things nerd culture! Working with some of the top Photographers, Videographers, Makeup artists, and local artists in Hawaii night darling is taking Hawaii cosplay to a new level.

Night Darling will be hosting the First ever Maui Comic Con cosplay contest along with The NERDWatch and Maui Comic and Collectibles. Make sure to bring your “A” Game!

Maui Comic Con gives local cosplayers a voice, and a stage to be proud of who they are. We as cosplayers are able to come together as one and be comfortable in our own skin and be surrounded by fellow nerds for a weekend. The feeling of Ohana and Aloha is such a big part of Maui Comic Con. Every year we see bigger numbers of attendees that come not only compete in the cosplay competition but those who want to be surrounded by the culture that Maui Comic Con brings to the table. Being who you are, let alone being a nerd is much harder these days with societies pressure of who they want you to be. This convention and cosplay competition lets the community come to a place where being themselves is all we want. As the creator of the official Maui Comic con Night Darling cosplay competition, my vision and goal is to give these nerds a place to shine! A place of no judgement and to boost their confidence. The nerd community has given me so much support and confidence to be where I am now in my cosplay career. This is my way of giving back, this is my way of giving our youth a solid foundation of confidence. This is our way as a community of giving a brighter and more understanding future to all the nerds and geeks in Hawaii. This movement of positivity and creativity would be nothing without the help of Maui Comic Con, UH Maui and the nerd community. Below is a few testimonials that I have gathered from fellow cosplayers on why they love to cosplay. These are indeed their own words, thoughts and feelings. Below is the reason why I give my 110%.
Night Darling Cosplay


I love to cosplay because it is a fun little escape from everyday life to be part of some of my favorite fandom. It is also a chance to be creative and share in my celebration of fandom and nerd-culture with people of similar interests, be they friends I’ve known for years or friends yet-to-be.On a side-note it’s also super fun to do it for the kids. It was so flattering at how many kids wanted to take their picture with me like I was the real Batman lol. That alone made all the effort worth it!
Wesley Hayashi


Cosplay has been a fantastic icebreaker for me as well as an indulgence to flex my beauty through characters I have been drawn to for most of my life. It’s a visual way to connect with others in commonly adored fandoms.Geeks like us are often socially awkward or anxious. But when the fandom is a topic to energize common ground, it’s a fertile environment for friendships. It also helps mitigate the social anxiety a little; depending on one’s own confidence in the execution of a costume. It’s also like Halloween but you get to have it whenever you want to collaborate with others or strut at a convention.
Olivia Nguyen


For me, personally, I love the process of creating– sewing especially, since that’s what I went to school for. Even if the cosplay is for a friend and not me, I’m still equally excited to be making cosplay. It’s also really satisfying to have other enthusiasts appreciate the hard work and care I put into the cosplay.
Angel Burger

2017 Night Darling Cosplay Competition winner

It’s an expression of a character that you relate to for some. Like how when growing up you looked up to people and wanted to be like them when you got older, but with fictional characters lol.Plus, who doesn’t like to pretend they are some kick ass superhero, anime character, or super villain lol
Marck Rumbaua